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My Favourite Podcasts in 2022

As a busy mom, wife, 9-5er and entrepreneur I’m always trying to maximize my time. I don’t like to say multi-tasking because I don’t think you can produce your best work or even give your full attention when you are doing that. I know when I am multi-tasking I’m not focused and I end up wasting more time switching back and forth between tasks. I definitely don't see it as a "badge of honour" like some and end up getting very frustrated when I'm in a day where it seems like that's all I'm doing.

What I do try to do more of is to intentionally layer tasks or “habit stack” stuff that makes sense. For instance, listening to podcasts or audio books while driving or making dinner is a great combination and I do this all the time! Since I don’t always have time to dedicate to focused reading I love “listening” to expand my knowledge.

So here are my favourite podcasts in 2022 (in no particular order!), most are real estate related podcasts but there are a few others I enjoy too! Spotify is my app of choice but I’m pretty sure these are available on the various podcast platforms:

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