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and Co-Hosting, Simplified.


Our Philosophy

At Junction House Property Management, we empower clients with the freedom to be as hands-off as they desire. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that seamlessly cover everything from property acquisition, renovation, and set-up to tenant placements, property management, and co-hosting. Your journey with us is about more than just managing properties; it's a holistic experience that allows you to effortlessly navigate every aspect of your real estate portfolio with confidence and ease.

Ready to simplify your life?
  • Are you looking to free up your time to do something you enjoy more?

  • Do you want to maximize income with professional expertise?

  • Are you fed up with the challenges of finding good tenants?

  • ​Would you prefer a buffer for guest or tenant interactions and issues?

  • Do you struggle with decisions regarding pricing, marketing, and property improvements?

  • Do you own a vacation home but are unsure how to optimize it for maximum profits?

  • Are you unable to scale because you're too in the weeds?


We offer everything you need to grow and build a successful real estate portfolio.

Working with us,

your property is our priority.

Our Services

 Uncover If Your Property Has Short-Term Rental Potential!

Let's Meet

We are Doug and Brianne Hamilton, successful real estate investors who specialize in offering boutique-style property management services for premium short-, mid-, or long-term rental properties.

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