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If you’re on this page, you already know that real estate is the best way to grow your wealth.
So what’s holding you back?

  • You’re unsure where to start

  • You have no time to look at houses, manage renovations or deal with tenants

  • You are not aware of rental markets in different cities

  • You don’t want to buy the wrong property

  • You want a hands-off investment


Alright, we can help.

  • Through a joint venture partnership, we have options to help you grow wealth through real estate. If your goals are short or long term, we have solutions to fit your needs.

  •  Partnering with us can give you the opportunity to invest in bricks and mortar with a hands-off and hassle-free approach to owning your own real estate investment portfolio.

You just leave all the heavy lifting to us.

​What we provide as the Active Partners:
  • Sourcing and acquiring the property

  • Renovation management

  • Rental set-up or re-sale

  • Property maintenance

  • Property and tenant management

  • Short-term rental design, set-up, and management

  • Strategic long-term planning

The Benefits

  • You will get multiple benefits of owning real estate such as appreciation, passive returns, and mortgage paydown without being a landlord.

  • You can avoid being overwhelmed investing in real estate by partnering with experienced investors that have spent the time to gain expert knowledge and developed tried and true systems to ensure you have a rewarding experience.

  • We guide you through the process and handle the heavy lifting allowing you to reap all of the amazing benefits of owning cash-flowing real estate, while not having to worry about the day-to-day management of those investments.

  • You will have the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge and experience within different markets in Ontario while also having the privilege of working with our solid team of mortgage brokers, lawyers, realtors, tax accountants and contractors.

  • A key to our success has been the ability to conservatively analyze deals and find properties where we can add the most value. We ensure there is the ability to force appreciation through strategic renovations to realize profits through a flip or by holding and obtaining top rents.

  • For our buy and holds we have a very extensive screening process so that we place the right tenants, we provide exceptional property management, and we also keep ahead of all maintenance on the property.

Are you're ready to get started? Schedule a call with us to discuss next steps.

Who does what?

Our Responsibilities

Our role is to give you peace of mind when it comes to your investment. We provide all the services that come along with purchasing and managing a rental property including:

  • Rental analysis

  • Discovering off-market properties for the best value

  • Submitting offers

  • Negotiating purchase prices

  • Coordinating realtors/inspectors/appraisers

  • Organizing legal paperwork

  • Organizing closing with lawyers

  • Obtaining insurance and setting up utilities

  • Managing renovations and contractors

  • Screening and sourcing tenants

  • Managing ongoing property maintenance and improvements

  • Managing tenant relationships

  • Managing accounting and taxes

  • Managing short term rentals (e.g. airbnb’s)

    • STR Consulting

    • Current on local regulations

    • Design and Set-Up

    • Dynamic Pricing

    • 24/7 Guest Concierge

    • Professional Turnover Specialists

    • National reach on popular online booking sites

    • Direct Booking page

    • Custom Marketing Plan

Your Responsibilities
  • Contributing down-payment and/or renovation funds

  • Closing costs

  • Qualifying for a conventional mortgage

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