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Myths About Real Estate Investing in 2022

Holding equity in your primary residence is the safe thing to do.

WRONG! If you want to build wealth your money (or equity) needs to be working for you! Using equity from your primary residence to purchase more assets can be a very easy way to scale quickly. This allowed us to acquire most of our properties and complete some large renovations as well.

Real estate is too risky, what if the market crashes?

EASY! Don’t sell! All markets and/or asset classes are cyclical,

but our strategy is to hold long-term, so we aren’t worried about dips in the market. We also ensure we are purchasing properties that are cash flowing enough to be able to cover future rate increases.

Dealing with tenants is very stressful, you’re going to have to deal with 2am maintenance calls.

WRONG! You can still invest in real estate and not have to deal with tenants. You could invest in REITs, do private lending, or joint venture with us! We handle all property management through Junction House Properties, so you never have to interact with our any tenants.

With the horrible economy right now, lockdowns and rent strikes so many tenants probably aren’t paying rent.

WRONG! All our tenants had no major impact to their employment the last 2 years and rent is always paid. We have developed a thorough screening process when we are filing a vacancy and ensure that the tenants, we place will take care of the units, be respectful neighbours and pay their rent. We also ensure there is always open communication between our tenants so we can be aware and prepared for any late payments and work out a plan.

You need to be handy to invest in real estate.

WRONG! You just need to have a phone and know how to use Google. Have a plumbing problem? Call a plumber. Need a roof fixed? Call a roofer. Want to own a property and not have to do anything except benefit from appreciation and get some extra cash flow every month? Call Junction House Properties! We will find you a house to buy and manage the entire process for you!

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