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Renvations with Kiddos

Since our twins were born, they have been around renovations. Whether it was in our primary home or our rental properties they have seen spaces go from yuck to amazing and have even helped a little along the way.

We value the time we get to spend with them but more importantly, what they are learning. Whether it’s seeing hard work pay off, learning life skills like using a screwdriver or painting, or even watching us negotiate with a contractor they are soaking it in.

Some people think we are crazy bringing them along, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are our top 10 tips for surviving renovating with younger kids:

  1. Always have some crayons or markers around, anything can be their canvas

  2. Give them “work clothes” to wear

  3. Bring lots of easy to open snacks

  4. Bring a blow-up mattress or blankets they can hang out on

  5. Have lots of wipes on hand

  6. Get a portable projector to watch movies

  7. Give them little tasks (age appropriate) to pick up screws, paint, sweep, take down wallpaper…

  8. Bring outside toys and just let them play

  9. Challenge them to build something out of scrap wood or drywall

  10. Let them be creative and do experiments (like what happens if you soak drywall in water?)

Most importantly, don’t stress! You will be interrupted a million times and probably won’t get as much done as you had planned but it’s still all worth it!

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