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Learn More About Hospitality In The Short-Term Rental Business

Short-term rentals (aka Airbnb) are very different from long-term rentals. If you’re a real estate investor, you need to understand and embrace the difference. One you need to furnish, the other you don’t. One you can leverage online booking platforms, the other you need to fill out long leases. At Junction House Properties we offer both short-term and long-term property management, we love the people side of our business and placing good tenants in their new homes as well as giving our guests uniquely luxurious vacation experiences.

Let’s go through some of the differences:

Short-term rentals are by far more income producing. If you want to have more income coming in, then this is the way to go but don’t be fooled, with more money coming there is often more work.

Long-term rentals tend to be much more passive. Typically, tenants keep to themselves, pay their rent, and every once in a while you’re going to have to deal with a problem that pops up in their unit but if you have systems in place it is not too difficult to take care of.

The big difference in short-term rentals is that you have now ventured into hospitality. You’re no longer dealing with an occasional broken faucet or noise complaint. You are now running a hospitality business. Your goal is to ensure that people are having a great stay in your property, and you are providing them with a hassle-free, fun, unique experience. Even if the short-term rental space is primarily for guests needing a place to stay for business travel, it still needs to be convenient and well thought-out.

This can be quite challenging coming from the long-term rental side. With long-term tenants’ you don’t have to think about their enjoyment, they are responsible for that. But with short-term rentals everything is your responsibility.

For example: Are the pillows comfortable? Are the sheets clean? Is it quiet and serene? Is it close to the action? How do guests get to the action? What are some activities guests can do in the evening? Is there a fire pit? Boardgames? Netflix? Even the weather is your responsibility - if you don’t have other alternative things to do on a rainy day then the guest is going to have miserable time! Having a nice place to cozy up with a blanket and book is good enough, but you must think of it beforehand (are there blankets?).

Here’s the good part. For all this hard work and thoughtful design, you do get rewarded. The amount of cashflow from short-term rentals is significant. It’s not easy, and it’s definitely more of an active business than long-term rentals but it’s so worth it!

If you’re interested in short-term rentals you can always contact us! We run a short-term rental management company so you can enjoy the benefits of having a short-term rental without all the hard work of being in hospitality yourself.

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